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, sampling and testing its water for signs of pollution. because of sandy soils and the soluble limestone-bedrock geology in this part of florida, rivers here run above ground and then flow underground through sinkholes. above ground, water can be sampled directly. but underground, the water fills and moves through the porous rock aquifer. this water can be accessed through a series of wells. the aquifer water here, the water that's contained in the rocks in the very small, microscopic, pore spaces within the rock, is what's utilized for drinking water and, actually, allater, so agriculture-irrigation water, bottling water, any kind of water usage is almost all from ground water. narrator: by carefully measuring the depth of ground water, main's team can calculate how much is being used. 17.29. they also record the water's chemical composition to determine nutrient levels that could adversely affect the health of the water. okay, we're ready to sample. narrator: one key nutrient they sample for is nitrate. actually, nitrate is regulated in drinking water standards by the environmental pro
this race. christie is simply too popular, thanks in part to his definite handling of hurricane sandy last year. democrats could have prevented christie from the sort of massive victory that he could use as a springboard for a 2016 presidential run. christie's campaign has not even tried to disguise that they want to run up the margins in this race so they can tell every republican who will listen that the state who re-elected barack obama by 17 points turned around the next year and backed chris christie by an even bigger margin. democrats could have denied him that. they could have worked to keep buono close, to keep christie from gaining momentum, from a massive victory in a blue state. instead, christie has built a 33-point lead without putting up any real fight on the democratic side. and that could come back to haunt them once 2016 rolls around. joining me now is e.j. dionne, a "washington post" columnist and author of "our divided political heart: the battle for the american idea in an age of discontent." e.j., thanks for joining us tonight. i appreciate it. and i'm just sort of thi
by superstorm sandy and the year before by a freak snowstorm. on the streets of hollywood, decked out in movie themed costumes, while in west hollywood streets were shut down for a carnival celebration. children in japan got in on the western tradition of trick or treating. the holiday was a chance for the kindergarteners to learn about western culter, practice english, and of course dress up in some cute costumes. >>> and halloween may be known for trick or treating, but for one indiana couple it was the perfect time to say i do. the zombie bride and her ghoulish groom tied the knot in, what else, a haunted called the shadow asylum, which is also where the happy couple work. congrats to them. >>> now for a look at your friday weather, here is bill karins. >> nice for them. >> it was nice for them. austin, texas, that stormed moved into the ohio valley, they got rained out. now the big airport of the east coast. could be ripples and delays. for the most part should be looking at a quiet friday throughout much of the west. temperatures on the cool side. the next storm on its way. we will see cl
was hurricane sandy. >> that's right. >> and i hate to say that we suffered when i see what happened to queens and new jersey. i feel to say we suffered when they were devastated down there, and the year before that it was a snow storm. we did have the hayride, one night. and the next night the hay was all covered in snow and nobody was going to come out in that kind of weather. >> i guess you don't have a on the of people in there, because treating. >> believe it or not we have been busy. events are going on in town. the cemetery i'm sure has something going on. tomorrow and saturday, the hollow and the legend are still november. >> laura good to see you. congratulations and i hope things continue to go well. i'll stop in for pizza one of these days. final thought goes to the stock market. the great depression started with a stock meltdown in october of 1929. panic returned six days later. this year's october's scary moments included the shutdown, but despite that, october was a bumper month for stocks. s&p 4.5% higher for the month. during this five-year bull market run the s&p has enjoyed a
due to super storm sandy. that's it, and thanks for watching aljazeera america, inside story is next, and as always, check us out 24 hours a day on "inside story." hello, i'm libby casey. the capitol has been buzzing with high profile congressional hearings on nsa surveillance and the problems with the dare's rollout. in the halls of congress there's a heavy weight lobbying campaign under way to push comprehensive immigration reform. it's week applied by the chamber of commerce is forward.u.s. among others. it's a group founded by facebook's mark
if not that warrants an investigation >> one last thing. and sandy fewer you take the minute for the b cc and for the academic and let me finish what school is for the good and held for the e l student and they'll take a minute if good school for the minute. this time we'll ask you for the school name okay. other one and concern for the e l parents and student. audits b cc take the job different for the data i try again say where the difference? for the by law i forgot how many schools many schools are trying to get the b cc and fourteen members here otherwise and for the oh, come on and for the b cc the job for me, i'm first time coming to understand learning and different for the - it's easy to put together and i'll try again for the english parents not easy job. and f e time you have the meeting >> so we're going to talk about this at committee i think you had a question. >> you know i appreciate that we've wanted to refer this to the a committee for deeper conversation. i want to say unfortunately and a particularly to this nobody shows up here. it happens time and time again so if w
. >> reporter: this is a come back marathon, cancelled because of super storm sandy. but the bad feelings didn't last. they are saying last year's controversy didn't scar runners or sponsors away. >> sponsorship is sup. we'll scelebrate this year and structured partnership for next year for the next eight years. partnership is stronger than ever. >> reporter: the making of running year sasics. >> this was the largest race in the united states. we're excited and it's something that we've been doing for a long time, and we love it. >> reporter: like the runners, they are in it for the long haul saying the 26.2 mile course come hell or high water. for "nightly business report" i'm mary tomorrow son. >> to prepare, head to our website you know, it's so nice to see people so positive, whether you're a sponsor or runner and against all odds. >> that's right. so many people -- i was talking to one running on this weekend, she said she had to get there like four hours early in part to compile with the new security screenings for the runners themselves. >> great day -- >> cold but good. have a
sandy and the year before that by a freak snowstorm. children in japan got in on the western tradition of trk or tre trick or treating. they could learn about western culture, practice english and dress up in fun and cute costumes. >>> and halloween may be known for trick or treating, but for one indiana couple, it was also the perfect time to say i do. the zombie bride and her ghoulish groom tied the knot in a haunted house called the shadow asylum which is also where they happened to work. congrats on them. >>> turning now to sports and thursday night football, bengals/dolphins, an overtime thriller. fourth quarter, only seconds left on the clock, sturgis kicked a field goal to tie the game and force ot. the bengals had their backs against the wall when the dolphins knocked andy dalton into the he said zone for a game winning safety. only the third time in nfl history that an overtime game has ended in a safety. miami upset cincinnati and miami has also won all six times they have played on halloween. >>> well, to the nba and derrick rose's home opener in chicago. in the closing seco
last year because of superstorm sandy. it's back on again this weekend. i know an awful lot of brits who go over and run this. how big is this going to be, bearing in mind the cancellation next year? >> well, you know, it's interesting. the number of participants are going to be right around the same numbers they were last year, maybe a little bit lower. they've also seen -- they've seen a bit of a drop, though, and there's some feeling that there were bad feelings from a number of people because they came over here expecting to run the race because despite sandy, the officials continued to say we'll run the race, we'll run the race and they canceled two days before. nevertheless, i think you'll have anywhere from 45,000 to 48,000 expected finishers in the race that, of course, crosses through the five burrows of new york city. it is still a huge event, of course, but we could see slightly fewer participants than we did last year. and, of course, we are going to see increased security because of what happened in the boston marathon bombing last year. and just -- boston is the one tha
superstorm sandy. >>> and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we will take you into one of oprah winfrey's home as her auction kicks off. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." [ both cheer ] got it! i...did not get it. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best with a smart phone but you know what's best for your kids. so we listened when you said gogurt should have only natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. thanks, mom. or giving the dog a workout, find your balance™. every delicious balance bar® has 40-30-30 balanced nutrition to give you energy that lasts. balance bar®... >>> the death toll from the civil war in syria has risen to more than 120,000. iran has long denied involvement in the conflict, but cbs news has obtained photographic proof that iranian fighters are helping syrian forces. elizabeth palmer reports. >> reporter: here they are, members of the elite revolutionary guards on the front lines of syria's civil war. the video was shot by this man, a tehran cameraman invited to film a guard unit under the command of
postponed by superstorm sandy. 45,000 runners expected to cross the finish line in central park. many not phased by the boston marathon bombings. they say they are not worried about safety. but as a precaution extra security has been added for the first time at security checkpoints. last spring two bombs exploded near the finish line in boston killing three and injuring hundr hundreds. >> it's the first friday of the month. we won't get jobs numbers because of the recent government shutdown. investors will keep an eye on earnings reports instead. mary thompson is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. happy friday. >> happy friday to you, marla. actually the futures are pointing to a higher open after stocks faded into the close yesterday. the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 posting their first back-to-back declines in more than three weeks. the dow fell 73 points on thursday to finish at 15,546, the nasdaq lost 11 to close at 3,920. the markets, well they managed to close out october on a positive note. the fourth best month for the dow and the nasdaq the third best for the s
the own undercover agents in the occupy sandy relief efforts. and that, i think, has a real foacial chill people's activity. people who may want to go out and participate in occupy sandy and relief effort or the original occupy movement may be chilled from doing so if they think that their participation will be noted and it may have repurr cushion down the road. in some way it's a good audience to convey the point. there a lot of young people who might want jobs at rand or made in political movement if they want security clierns down the line. i think that's a profound problem. to go back to the oversight. there's a legal issue by the in surveillance problem because a doctrine of standing. whichly not bore you with in great detail. just to say there's a doctrine that said you can't challenge a program unless you can prove you have been harmed by it and your own subjective reaction to the program is not enough. so you to prove you have been targeted by it. well, nobody can prove they have been targeted by secret surveillance programs. so lawsuits, the aclu has brought the challenge the var
the fbi placed its own undercover agents inside the occupied sandy relief efforts. that has a real potential to chill people's political people who may want to go out and participate in occupied sandy relief efforts or the original occupied efforts. it may be chilled if people think their participation may be noted and that may have repercussions down the road. this is a good audience to convey that point. there are young people who might want jobs that rants or with the state department who might have second thoughts -- you might or with the rand state department who might have second thoughts. to go back to the oversight, there is a legal issue with oversight by the courts, particularly surveillance. says is a doctrine that you cannot challenge a program unless you can prove you have been harmed by it and your objective reaction to the existence of the program is not enough. you have to prove you have been targeted. nobody can prove they have been targeted by secret surveillance programs. the aclu has brought the challenge of warrantless surveillance programs and they have been t
of hurricane sandy. it's a major marathon coming after boston. what do you think the he is sage will be? a lot of people will wear ribbons in memory of those who died in boston or injured, what message would you like it to send, the new york marathon, to the world, if you'd like? >> i think the message is that any city cob strong and boston is strong and boston is getting stronger. i think the new york marathon is one of those great races in this country, and i think there are going to be, you know, runners there who are running -- who ran in the boston marathon who maybe didn't finish. i think they will be running for causes for the under privileged and for different charity organizations, just similar to the boston marathon and it's -- it's a great cause and i think, you know, if there is one thing to remember about the boston marathon is that people will cross the finish line and i think president obama said it when he visited boston after the boston marathon bombing was people rise and get up and cross that finish line and i think that will be the goal of everybody at the new york marathon
sweet dough butter cookie. return of favorite tradition scrapped last year because of super storm sandy. very cute. all right one last check on the weather. let's go back to spencer. white house sweet butter cookie. >> sweet to me. should have had one of those for dessert. here's clear sky across bay area on this evening. noaa turns out this is monitored and show virtually owl of the state of california is under severe drought conditions writ now and this one area in red down in south central california under extreme drought conditions rate now. we desperately need rainfall in this state. we won't be getting it tomorrow but probably won't complain about the weather. warm conditions across the state and that includes the bay area tomorrow. sunny sky here. high pressure on the coast and mid upper 60's. low to mid 70's right around the bay and mid 70's in our inland location so it's a lovely day. here accu-weather 7 day forecast. very nice over the wean as wel well. cooling down on sunday. sunday is when we should set our clock back saturday night to standard time again. 2 ful
on the corner, the bridge cafe. >> indeed. >> got inundated during sandy. >> yeah. >> unfortunately. still hasn't reopened. that's not a focus of my research under any circumstances. we're not that worried about it. >> in a way, you've never stopped covering real estate, right? >> no. >> it's always remained a passion of yours. >> and diana olick did a fantastic job. we didn't have one for many years, and i'm so happy she's covering it and doing a great job. what's more important than the retirement issue, the home you have? and the important thing for cnbc is making sure that the retirement issue is front and center in america. we're going to have a retirement crisis, the baby boomers are not in good shape for retirement, and we need to make that a big focus. >> you should try the generations after that. >> yeah, a tough one, too. our generation didn't save much until late in life. most of us didn't start saving money until late 30s and into our 40s. the average 55-year-old has something, like, $60,000 in their 401 k. it's not a good sign. we need to make that a real priority. >> glad they mad
of new york city sunday to monitor the new york city marathon. super storm sandy forced forced cancellation of the marathon last spring oochlt the limits coming into this family reunions. whether just new yorkers, fans. it's a great idea to stay away from that area. >> 43 police dogs will be on the ground sniffing for explosives each runner will receive a clear plastic bag for personal items. >>> a celebrated chinese artist is planning a major art exhibition on alcatras, working with national parks sxfs other agencies to get approval. if approved it could open in fall, 2014. so far, very little information about who what the artist plans to show at the former prison the artist jailed by authorities in 2011 and made several art pieces about his time in prison. >> tesla's ceoelan musk is taking a page from other billionaires. buying a house across the street from his own massive estate in bel air. the home once owned by actor gene wilder. both zuckerberg just paid to buy properties adjacent to their homes >> coming up, how these three men made it from new york to los angeles unde
of the campaign we saw chris christie saying nice things about barack obama an his response to hurricane sandy. clearly some people are upset about that. now you've got all sorts of mostly sort of vague innuendo and scandal around chris christie. and i think it's really because there's someone out there who wants to damage him and damage his future prospects. and it seems like also there's some people in the obama side who are not so happy with joe biden, trying to make him seem a little goofy and kind of full of sort of crazy ideas and also this idea that they were ready to swap him out. so i think what you have here is some score settling. i'm not sure how much it really adds up to, as far as is there real substance behind these charges. >> i think people can connect the dots, certainly, about how things went down. hindsight of course is 20/20 but this book also claims that president obama, who would go golfing with former president bill clinton in 2011 didn't finish all 18 holes with him. that he likes the former president but, in quote, doses. do you think the president is going to crack d
to my attention. i think you've got horse cents. that same night sandy in connecticut called about fly leasing with super fly ticker fly. here's a company with a 6% yield that rents aircraft to airline customers. unfortunately, it doesn't live up to the movie, let alone the fabulous curtis mayfield soundtrack. i'm concerned the profits may not be so hot as current contracts have disappointed. this is a speculative way to play the industry, which i know i like. i like delta more, though. i think you need to see fly leasing results and get clarity on whether they have the cash flow to sustain that very big dividend. on friday october 18th they asked for an early trick-or-treat on tablo. this was a recent ipo. i had to do more research on it. operates in business intelligence, providing cloud-based software to its customers so they can analyze large amounts of dated that. they crushed the estimates, 17 cents earning beat and raising guidance. the stock in response popped 9 % but drifted lower on post-ipo lockup expirations and filings of a big secondary offering. while i see tableua go hi
. >> because he stood with the president on sandy? >> even before that. that happened afterwards, but even before that coming out of the convention we had stories of christie being problematic behind the stage, being upset after the convention speech. >> he'd be a terrible vice presidential nominee. there's nothing about that man that says vice president. it's like barbara streisand once said. i'm either going to be really successful or nothing. not halfway successful. >> he was a guy that could connect to the republican base. >> yeah. but do you think he's good at taking orders, this guy? >> yeah, not so good. tomorrow morning is going to publish an excerpt of the book about chris christie. >> that's good. don't buy the book. just o go to >> you have to buy the book. just go read the tease. >> thank you. you have a nice cackle too. >> i do my best. >> nora o'donnell has the best. >>> up next, your turn to play "hardball" with me. i'm going to answer your twitter questions. this is "hardball," the place for politics. clay. mom? come in here. come in where? welcome to my
on the types of crime that you're talking about. if you're talking about a sandy hook or situation where there's mass murderer, children involved, terrorist inspired activity, my guess is that you'll continue to see pretty strong support. even not that our legal system should reflect public opinion but obviously people still a ma yoert of americans still do believe that there are some exceptional circumstances, some particular class of murderers, the worst of the worst where it's such an outrage against society that the death penalty is appropriate. >> i grew up in the land of serial killers in seattle where we had ted bundy, the green river killer. so i am pro death penalty in those extreme sorts of cases. but i agree with the dna advancements an the good work of the innocence project that americans are seeing that innocent people are put into death row. a question i have, jeffrey, maybe you note answer to this. interestingly california by far has the most people on death row. i looked it up. they have 731. but they have no executions. they don't execute their prisoners. >> it's a completely
like this one. >> reporter: the marathon was canceled last year, following super storm sandy. to honor the victims and first responders of the boston attack, a yellow line has been painted alongside the traditional blue line on the course. in new york, adriana diaz, wjz eyewitness news. >> so new york road runners, a group that organized the marathon, doubled its security budget this year to $1 million. >>> if you're waiting for someone to get home from work on this friday afternoon, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. she's live at wjz traffic control. >> hi, denise. hi, everyone. let's give you an update on the accident on charles street. all lanes were blocked. they have since been reopened. but still watch for slow traffic back to green spring avenue. it's also affecting the outer loop. a bit slow from providence road. on the west side inner loop, plenty of brake lights there, from southwestern boulevard. average speed, only about 25 miles an hour. slow from 29 to marriottsville road. and a couple of slow spots on northbound 95, from 32 to 100 on howard county side. then
:43. the the new york city marathon is set to resume after being postponed by superstorm sandy. 45,000 runners expected to lace up the shoes and cross the finish line in central park. many of them not even phased by the boston marathon bombing. they aren't worried. but as a precaution extra security has been added and for the first time a security check point, last spring two bombs exploded near the finish line in boston, killing three and injuring hundreds. >>> the fbi is now investigating a security threat that targets a plane that flew out of sfo yesterday. the united express flight was headed to san antonio a7 when was diverted to phoenix. all 42 passengers were safely evacuated and nothing suspicious found on board. the fbi is not confirming the nature of this threat. >> holiday travel expected to be nicer now that the federal aviation administration has changed some of its electronic device policies. while airlines must still apply to the faa before they ease restrictions, many say they will do it in time for holiday travel. here are the rules. tablets, mp 3 players and electronic toys
this sunday as the new york city marathon returns, the storm sandy forced the race to be canceled last year and the race comes months after the deadly destructive terror attack during the boston marathon. security has been heightened. >> i think new york city got their job done right. i really do. it's a good thing. >> runners should feel safe. spectators do. >> i think also be cautious. >> approximately 48,000 runners will take part in the race, at least two million are expected to watch along the route. bomb sniffing dogs and untsds cover officers will roam among the crowd. 100 mobile security cameras install affidavit the boston attack will be used. some of the major marathon security changes include additional bag checks, marathoners will not be allowed to use large water packs or strollers, cannot wear bulky costumes or masks. organizers will fence off near the finish line, it used to be open from 59th to 85th street on sunday. the area will be limited to 59th to sikts 6th street. the two brothers accused of the boston bombing, three people died, 260 were injured. marathon organizers t
, this friday morning, the marathon was still on, believe it or not, after hurricane sandy. it was a painful, excruciating week. they canceled it with some 40,000 runners. 22,000 of them are back. and it's a testament to the resurgence of the city and all of the tenacity of the workers here. and i think after what happened in boston, too, it will be a healing process for both cities. >> it's going to be phenomenal. espn2, 9:00 a.m. this sunday. and abc 7, starting at 7:00 a.m. d.j. prostyle, thank you. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> good morning. we have major delays in san francisco where there's an accident involving a big rig and other vehicles on 101 near bayshore boulevard. >> as we take a look at some footage shot earlier, this is northbound along 101 up to 280. one lane will get you by that big rig. it's hanging over to side on to bayshore boulevard. as we look at our maps that's where we're looking at that heavy delay both in the north and southbound direction but most of the delay is in the nor
asked to pay. >> the nsa told me the president was never briefed on angela merkel. >> sandy was the biggest and fiercest storm ever to hit new jersey. the recovery was slow and for many it's far from over. >> it's tough. you're looking at washington, d.c. that's sometimes not the easiest thing in the world. >> wow what a night here in fenway park. >> the red sox are world champions. >> best night of my life. >> of your life? >> pretty much. i have a pretty bad life. yeah. >> the young boy in the yellow shirt stole the show. he wandered on stage. >> i'll take your candy and my pope. >> that's magic. >> how many barrels are in this warehouse? >> more than 200,000. >> hot sauce called sir rah-rah eded sriracha. >> the sun touched down here. >> it has to be done right or it will burn your scalp, but we can stand with that. >> can we start with the chicken dance? lord knows you love doing that. >> i don't know if that's the -- >> unfortunately, peter, my family is having thanksgiving dinner on thanksgiving. >> i had no idea what was going on. neither did
. >> the nsa told me the president was never briefed on angela merkel. >> sandy was the biggest and fiercest storm ever to hit new jersey. the recovery was slow and for many it's far from over. >> it's tough. you're looking at washington, d.c. that's sometimes not the easiest thing in the world. >> wow, what a night here in fenway park. >> the red sox are world champions. >> best night of my life. >> of your life? >> pretty much. i have a pretty bad life. yeah. >> the young boy in the yellow shirt stole the show. he wandered on stage. >> i'll take your candy and my pope. >> that's magic. >> how many barrels are in this warehouse? >> more than 200,000. >> hot sauce called sir rah-r e >> the sun touched down here. >> it has to be done right or it will burn your scalp, but we can stand with that. >> can we start with the chicken dance? lord knows you love doing that. >> i don't know if that's the -- >> unfortunately, peter, my family is having thanksgiving dinner on thanksgiving. >> i had no idea what was going on. neither did anybody else. you've got a 7 foot guy in a dog suit walking around.
of superstorm sandy. extra security will be in place because of the boston marathon bombings, but as one athlete said, "we don't plan on running scared." good luck to all of them. >>> james bond has nothing on daredevil katie hampton. check out this incredible video just starting to go viral on youtube. it shows fearless katie jumping out of a plane. she opens her chute, then makes that perfect landing in the passenger's seat of a moving convertible. i wonder how long that took to get that just perfect. >> she didn't know the guy! [ laughter ] that's amazing! >> surprise! coming in for a landing. >> he picked her up hitch-hiking. >> thank you. >> that's great video. >> that's cool. >> very cool. >> she sticks the landing. >> she does, thank goodness. >> more on that storm system. >>> it's going to be bad today for a lot of folks. air travel, if you've got a high-profile vehicle and you're driving, the wind's going to be a big problem. we're also looking at very strong storms firing up. look at these temperatures ahead of this system. we are seeing temperatures, while not record-breakers, they ar
are gone. my successor and elected insurance republican commissioner sandy kraeger and i worked on a whole series of plans to expand coverage. i did work on these issues and we were not necessary -- >> you say these were lousy plans and miss tavenner said no true insurance. do you think the plans weren't true insurance? >> in the individual market, the insurance commissioner in kansas and virtually every place in the country -- >> it's a yes -- >> it's a yes or no question. were they true insurance plans? >> a lot of them are not true insurance plans, no. >> i yield back. >> gentleman from vermont. >> i'm going to summarize what i've been hearing. number one, the website must be fixed. you've been very forthright and you're going to fix it. number two, we've had a real battle about health care, had a battle in this congress. it was passed and the president signed it and the supreme court affirmed it, a brutal battle. there was an election people where the american people affirmed it and then the shut down in the threat of deabt default. all of us represent people who are going to win or lo
program. just decided to change it. >>> being scrapped last year because of superstorm sandy. a favorite white house annual tradition returns yesterday with a vengeance. >> thousands turned out for the halloween at the white house. how do you get in there? dressed in orange and black, the president and mrs. obama braved the giant spiders and life-size web to hand out treats. >> they mingled with the white house staffers dressed up as football players, vampires and princesses. >> how do you get in? >> with easter, there is a website and the whole thing but i didn't realize you can get in for halloween. >> i didn't either. i don't know. >> if you want to dress up -- you guys had terrific costumes like yesterday, they would reject you? >> i don't know. i think you have to be not too controversial. you should see our costumes. i think we will have a picture up later on, we were great gatsby theme. >> great looking couple. >> thank you very much. >>> coming up, one of the hottest books of the year and one of the most talked about murders of our time. >> and now it is a movie. a look at killin
, to you first. this question comes to us from a woman named sandy who writes: what happens if there are not enough sign-ups to support the law? does it just become another taxpayer bill to pay? do you know? >> the risk is because people cannot sign up true the web sites or -- through the web sites or it takes a long time to do so, the only people who will sign up are the very sickest. if that happens, you're going to get a process known as adverse selection death spiral where because only the sickest signed up, the premiums will be sky high, no one will be able to afford them or the healthy people will stay away from these plans, and eventually insurers will leave the market, and people won't be able to buy health insurance at any price. that is a very real danger that we face under this law. jon: so, igor, then what happens? i mean, who steps in to pick up the tab? >> well, i don't want to go down the doom's day road just yet. certainly, young and healthy people are very, very important. you've got to make sure they're part of system, and if the web site functions by the e
marathon set to return this sunday after getting sidelined by super storm sandy last year and additional money has been spent on security. our reporter is live outside central park with what we can expect on sunday. lydia? >> reporter: good morning. we're outside central park. the finish line is just over this wall. we've been out here all morning long. we weren't allowed to go inside. the marathon may be days away, but when i step out, you can see security is already going on right now. you can see road blocks, security personnel, as well as many vehicles. officials are telling us that this will be the largest antiterrorism operation carried out across new york city. it's thank is in response to april's boston marathon bombing. marathon officials are banning more items this year such as backpacks, high duration packs, vests with pockets, baby strollers and if you do show up with some sort of bag, even a purse, expect your bags to be checked. again, baby strollers are also being banned. because of all of these road blocks, officials are asking spectators, as well as runners, to take publ
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